STOP medical

Tyranny now

Dr. Eric Nepute is taking on the TRUTH!!

taking on Big pharma, big tech, and the DOJ

Doc's recommendations = Department of Defense Protocols

Vitamin D



provides antiviral activity

Vitamin C

antioxidant & anti-inflammatory

General Health

water, rest, detox

"WE Drew Our sword

on Dr. Nepute...

... and we won't stop until there is blood on it."

From our DOJ, to Dr. Eric Nepute regarding his status as the first Doctor sued by the Federal Government for his recommendations during COVID-19.

No more weaponizing wellness

We The People deserve power and choice when it comes to our own health. And I won't stop fighting until that is recognized.

Dr. Eric Nepute

stop medical tyranny & unjust action

Help Dr. Eric fight his HALF-TRILLION Dollar Lawsuit and WIN