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We have curated an extensive collection of Vitamins and Supplements specially formulated to help you achieve true health for you and your family.  Common Sense Solutions made specifically for “healthcare disruptors”.

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AMP Coffee - Canadian Blend Subscribe and Save

$54.00 / month

Chances are, you’re already drinking coffee every day, so why not get some added health benefits? Our HapitropicsTM 2amino5® blend is a special formula of two amino acids and a stack of five unique extracts, adding a nutritional dimension to AMP Canadian. Don’t settle for weak bean water or a sugary energy drink- reach for the healthy, functional flavor of AMP Canadian!

Biome IX® ADK Subscribe and Save


Give your body what it needs, where it needs it most with Biome iX® ADK! Specially formulated to boost energy levels and help restore the balance in your gut, Biome iX® ADK gives you the edge you've been searching for with the postbiotic genius of CoreBiome® tributyrin.


$89.00 / month$1,980.00 / year

Contribute to the Cause - Monthly

$5.00$5,000.00 / month

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Earth Tub Subscribe and Save

$88.00 / month

At NücleoGenex, we believe the promise of immense vitality lay right beneath our feet: Earth. Our latest creation is a superfood blend of berries, greens, mushrooms, proteins, and probiotics that holds the keys to optimal human health and longevity.

ECaps Subscribe and Save

/ month

Feeling fatigued, irritable, and tired of relying on energy drinks? We have an alternative! eCaps is one of the finest achievements in nutritional energy supplement tech today, combining a powerhouse medley of unique ingredients that are sure to put the spring back in your step and make you feel more energized, focused and alert.

Face One - Serum 30ML Subscribe and Save

$89.00 / month

This DNA Repair Serum is for all skin types and for both men and women. DNA repair enhancement properties protect the appearance of your skin from age-accelerating damage.

Immune XP Subscribe and Save

$54.00 / month

Our latest exciting breakthrough in nutritional science, Immune XP combines three powerful, synergistic, immune-supporting compounds (pinecone extract, humic and fulvic acid, and pyrroloquinoline quinone).

Micro Zeo Subscribe and Save

$54.00 / month

Our NücleoGenex research and development teams continue to seek innovative and time-tested solutions for our customers. The latest in our line is MicroZeo, an amazing answer for those in search of the very best in micronized zeolite supplements.

Nutralize Subscribe and Save

$54.00 / month

Antioxidants are key to supporting a healthy aging process and healthy immune system. Nutralize has four potent antioxidants, uniquely blended for powerful results. Once you feel the Nutralize difference, you'll never look back!

Pure 47 Subscribe and Save

$54.00 / month

Pure 47 Spherical Nano Silver Supplement (SNS), the natural, elemental way to support your healthy immune system! Our SNS is made with only two ingredients: 99.99% Spherical Nano Silver particles and pure deionized water. There are no fillers, additives, salts or proteins. Due to the tiny particle size and purity, you get a superior silver supplement with pristine quality and potency on the market.


$24.00$420.00 / month

Surge Stickpack (30 Ct) Subscribe and Save

$54.00 / month

Surge is perfect for pre- and post-workouts, any time when you’re on-the-go or you need an afternoon pickup. There is nothing like it on the market today.

Ü Slümbr Subscribe and Save

$54.00 / month

Don’t count sheep. Sleep! Ü Slümbr is a lullaby in a bottle. Our naturally-derived ingredients support restful and rejuvenating slumber. Say hello to Sand Man.


$24.97$99.97 / month

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