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Give your body what it needs, where it needs it most with Biome iX® ADK! Specially formulated to boost energy levels and help restore the balance in your gut, Biome iX® ADK gives you the edge you've been searching for with the postbiotic genius of CoreBiome® tributyrin.


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Short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) are absolutely essential to maintaining a healthy GI tract. They’re basically the power supply to all the cells lining your colon! Normally, beneficial bacteria in the intestines produce an important SFCA known as Butyrate. Due to modern diets filled with over-processed, low-fiber and high- sugar foods the good bacteria inside us may produce less and less Butyrate. As a result, our body’s overall energy levels may suffer. A revolutionary concept, Biome iX®’s secret is Tributyrin. Our process takes 3 molecules of Butyrate and fuses them to one molecule of glycerol. The glycerol is the key to getting the Butyrate to the colon, instead of losing it on the journey through the digestive tract. Butyrate supplementation holds great potential as a means to support a healthy gut and in turn, overall energy levels in the body.


3 molecules of Butyrate and fuses them to one molecule of glycerol.


To support a healthy gut.

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New bottle every month.

Energy Boost

Promotes mitochondrial activity.


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Vitamin A
Vitamin D3
Vitamin K2
Gelatin Capsule
1 capsule 1-3 times daily.

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