Introducing CellTides, the future of nucleotide-based nutritional supplements! Our uniquely formulated blend includes some of the most buzz-worthy components on the market. While each ingredient could easily stand on its own, this powerhouse synergy is more than the sum of its parts. CellTides is available in three delicious flavors. Choose from Citrus, Cocoa and Açaí.


Why People Love CellTides

A nucleotide is regarded as the basic building block of DNA and RNA. Nucleotides are critical for digestive health as they are essential to creating new cells, improving the efficiency of cellular repair, and helping maintain a healthy intestinal tract. Nucleotides may also have a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora, stimulating the growth of beneficial bacteria and inhibiting pathogens. Harmful species of bacteria are suppressed as nucleotides increase the amount of helpful microflora competing for resources in the digestive system.

Improve Cells

Improves cell turnover, repair and growth


Allows the body to down-regulate the synthesis of nucleotides.

Enhance enterocyte growth

For greater nutrient absorption.

Three Flavors

Three tasty flavors: Citrus, Cocoa and Acai.


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What’s inside?

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Stevia Leaf Extract
Bamboo Fiber
Psyllium Husk
Increase microflora
1 scoop for 8-10 oz of water

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