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Feeling fatigued, irritable, and tired of relying on energy drinks? We have an alternative! eCaps is one of the finest achievements in nutritional energy supplement tech today, combining a powerhouse medley of unique ingredients that are sure to put the spring back in your step and make you feel more energized, focused and alert.

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The InfinergyTM ingredient in eCaps may help promote a longer, more sustained boost of energy, increased mental alertness and help reduce fatigue. The malic acid in the InfinergyTM blend is included to help support the digestion of caffeine consumption. The Yerba Mate in eCaps supports antioxidant activity and promotes mental focus.


Longer, more sustained boost of energy

Malic Acid

Supports the digestion of caffeine consumption

Yerba mate

Supports antioxidant activity.

Easy to take

1 capsule a day.


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What’s inside?

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Yerba Mate
Caffeine Anhydrous
Vegetarian Capsule
1 Capsule Daily

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